Morris Bullnose Special, replica of the 'Keen' racer

A well sorted VSCC eligible racer, based on the 'Keen Special'.

Alfred E. Keen started at Morris as an apprentice in 1902 and becoming

Director of Morris Motors in 1933. In 1922 he took at random one of the Cowley

engines being delivered from the Hotchkiss Works at Coventry and proceeded to

tuned it. He highered the compression, ported and lightened the engine, then fitted it to a modified

chassis and fitted a rudimentary single seat body.

The car proved very successful in sprints and hill climbs throughout the early 20's.

The car we have for sale is a copy of the 'Keen' car, but now using the larger Oxford engine.

The is fast, very torque'y and now fitted with a larger fuel tank, an idea circuit racer.

Additional Info

  • Make: Morris
  • Year: 1922
  • Price (£) : 24000
  • Era: Vintage (1919-1930)
  • StockID: 11992222
  • DealerID: 12345
  • Type: Motors
  • Class: Race
  • Model: Keen Special replica
  • Transmission: Manual
  • FuelType: Petrol
  • Vehicle registration number (without spaces): N/A
  • Comma separated list of options (eg ABS/Airbags): Nil
  • Body Type: Sports
  • Mileage: 0
  • Price Includes Vat: True
  • Purchase Condition: Used
  • Vehicle Type: car
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